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  • A spotlight on Gerties Country Store & Deli in Vesuvius VA- KK Homes of Long & Foster

A spotlight on Gerties Country Store & Deli in Vesuvius VA- KK Homes of Long & Foster

A Spotlight on Gerties Country Store & Deli in Vesuvius VA- KK Homes of Long & Foster

Have you ever taken a drive through a small town and it made you feel like you have entered a new world? Vesuvius, Virginia of Rockbridge County kind of gives you that feeling. 

We recently listed a great little retreat on a natural spring in this sweet, rural community. It’s not a trip any of us take often, as there aren’t many properties often for sale along this stretch. One thing I love about Real Estate is it often takes you to places that the normal hustle and bustle of life keeps out of sight, out of mind. 
Driving in on South River Rd, you notice the bubbling brooks along the way and many small waterfalls, as well as one of my favorite looking buildings the Osceola Mill Restaurant and Inn. Vesuvius is home to and surrounded by many hiking trails and beautiful water falls and just the little that you see from the drive definitely intrigues you. 
On the way out of my initial meeting at this Vesuvius property, I stopped at a little Country Store called Gertie’s. When I went inside it gave me all the feels. It was so charming, just small enough to keep people close, but big enough to encompass grocery and a dining experience. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring all of the details of this community staple. You can find their special written on a chalkboard near the window you order from, the walls are sprinkled with notes from all of the guests who have visited over the years, as well as the hangings of art by a local artist. 
Owned for many years by a Mother, Daughter Duo, it has since been taken over by a younger couple, who still have the daughter of the Duo working by their side. 
Gerties will remind you why you love the country, as it perks your taste buds of edible options that aren’t limited to country eateries. 
They support local by selling local vendors products like hot sauces, jellies, jams, sweets, holding regular farmers markets at their location, hiring local artists to play music regularly and so on.
Take the time for a visit and a little inspiration. Check them out on Facebook for their specials and events
In the meantime, feast your eyes on all of this made fresh, tummy filling deliciousness 

Supporting local gives our community pride, it financially supports those who financially support where we live and work and it creates bonds that are not easily broken. 

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