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A Spotlight on Kuma Sushi and Ten Sushi in Charlottesville VA

This is how we roll… 

Fresh sushi rolls are so hard to find right?… well, not in Charlottesville. Well disguised as a College hangout resting amongst the rest of “The Corner” food spots, you will find what seems to be a family owned and operated low-key eatery that happens to serve sushi. We pulled in to check it out and just weren’t 100% confident it would be up to par with our expectations of fresh sushi.

We ordered slowly, smaller items to start. The staff was impressive with the attention they gave us, whom seemed to be the daughter to start then the Mother from middle to end of our service. The “daughter” was very friendly and helpful, but the Mom was super witty and charming. Her dialect was more challenging for us and I believe ours for her, but she made sure she took the time to communicate and listen and we thoroughly enjoyed our interactions with her.

 The sushi was impressive, it was appetizing and aesthetically pleasing. Every bite was so fresh and because of that, we weren’t easy to chase out as there were so many options to sample. We couldn’t leave without to go orders for dinner, I mean it was just lunch after all. We dined in for sushi and sashimi and ordered from the hot menu to take home. We thoroughly enjoyed the meal and experience at Kuma Sushi and Bar. It will remain on our forever short list to have an affordable, relaxed sushi meal with the family!

Kuma Sushi & Bar

But, wait… that’s not all…There’s one more must go to for a romantic sushi meal with your significant other or a night out with friends. Ten is a modern sushi restaurant in the Charlottesville Downtown Mall. I can’t even begin to tell you how top of line this place is. Yes! You pay for it, but it is well worth the price and is definitely a special occasion location that requires reservations for a guaranteed seat. From our “know it all” waiter, in a great way, to every morsel, Ten is called that for a reason. You are sure to return at least that many times if you try it once. 
If you are ready to roll… Make a date at either place, they won’t disappoint.

-KK, Kathleen Kellett-Ward of KK Homes

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