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A Spotlight on Cranberry’s Grocery & Eatery

Take a stroll into this locally owned, downtown delight!

On this International Women’s Chewsday we want to honor a locally owned, woman founded business, Cranberries Grocery & Eatery.
Kathleen Stinehart, Founder, opened Cranberries in downtown Staunton, VA to provide healthy, tasty and organic food to who she felt her business truly belonged to, the customers. When you enter from the streets of downtown Staunton, you immediately walk in to the grocery end of this establishment. There you will find to your right all types of gluten free fresh coffee, which you can purchase in beans and have the option to freshly grind them in store. There are a few types of Kombucha for self bottling, made by Blue Ridge Bucha ( then to the right xylitol gums, sugar free and natural candies and more. Behind the counter on the left are fridges, canned foods, boxed goods and more shelves full of plenty of natural, healthy options for your palettes pleasure.

What we personally find the most pleasing is what the kitchen serves up in the back end of the building, also known as the Eatery. This past Sunday we went for a visit after staying away too long. We ordered the breakfast burrito, the rice, black beans and veggies with seasoning, it was all so delicious and fresh. Our 14 year old had the waffle and commented on how light it and the syrup to accompany it with was in relation to most restaurants closer to home. We shared a couple orders of the hash brown casserole, which were seasoned to perfection. To top off the meal, we ordered some of their signature smoothies. Two of us added a spike of chia seeds and one the cacao nibs, there were many options to choose from.  They make some of the best smoothies with the lowest sugar, freshest ingredients and no artificial sugar/flavoring.  They also offer a juice bar which can give you a health kick and invigorate your taste buds.

Cranberries is a simple, health food grocery and eatery that we are so fortunate to have had for so long and continue to have in our area. We are so grateful for the innovation of this independent woman, Kathleen and appreciative of Joseph White for continuing the legacy with quality and passion.

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Written by “KK” Kathleen Kellett-Ward, Founder of KK Homes of Long and Foster Real Estate

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