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Coffee with KK Homes- Connecting and Enjoying our Community Together

Who doesn’t love a piping hot cup of coffee made with love and care, by a locally owned and operated business? KK Homes does! Coffee with KK Homes is a community connection event, where we host pop-ups at local coffee shops to spotlight their business, talents and the deliciousness that they pour into our community daily. During this time, we provide free coffee to ALL patrons. While supporting local business is the main focal point, we have found that connecting with clients and local folks is just as important and a highlight of the event. Being able to meet new people, chat about their experiences and connect on a personal level is the essence and driving force of these events and leaves us craving more.

Community and Connection is our love language, here at KK Homes!

The Queen Bean offers a quick and satisfying drive through experience in Staunton, VA. Located in a quaint little brick building that houses the coffee shop encompasses everything, Erin (the owner) is about… providing her customers with exceptional service and buying local. Serving her first coffee at The Queen Bean in June of 2018, Erin has made it her passion & mission to serve up tasty organic options from other wonderful local businesses and incorporate them into her daily grind. Starting with the main ingredient, Tragers Brother’s Coffee located in Afton provides their organic rich roasts, the milk is from another local favorite, Mt Crawford Creamery, the glazy sweet honey from Peaceful Creek Farm, down to the yummy fresh baked goods dished out daily that are supplied from Newtown Baking, also located in Staunton. After having the privilege of meeting and learning more about their customers one thing stands true… The Queen Bean Coffee shop is not only a local staple but a daily way of life to most folks. We are so fortunate to team up with local businesses that are a direct reflection of who we are, there is not much more full fulling (pun intended).



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