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Cooking with KK Homes & Chef – Bon Appetit!

An adventure it was for our first official Cooking with KK Homes Client Appreciation Zoom Event, boy that’s a mouthful (pun intended). We have been sorely missing our Clients as we have had to lessen our annual get together events due to Covid. This year we got more creative in many ways and one was this Cooking event. We contacted one of our Clients, Caitie Maharg, Chef Extraordinaire.

For those of you who do not know Caitie, she has an extensive story to be so young. Her journeys are many…. as a young girl she battled Cancer in ways many of us will never understand, it consumed much of her young life. Yet she went on to attend JMU and while attending school, she appeared on Guy Fieri’s Grocery Games as a Contestant. Well once again in life she was not only competing, but she was WINNING! Caitie won this Food Network Show’s competition and was widely recognized. Cooking was her passion and she was going to bring it to the world one way or another.

Along her way, Caitie married the love of her life, Nathan. She worked at the Kingsmill Resort and Spa, then went on to cook at The Iris Inn of Waynesboro, VA and then to open up their own place. She and her husband started Blue Oregano,  a “pop up” style restaurant in downtown Waynesboro, VA. This is where we met Caitie and Nathan, before having the honor to sell them a home. This restaurant was so unique for the area and extremely successful. They would require reservations and only be open certain nights. On those nights all who made a reservation would sit at a table, family style and enjoy a Chef prepared multiple course meal in an intimate way. The food was always different and always delicious. 

However, one of their journeys was to start a family and this came to fruition with the adoption of their sweet baby boy. This inevitably changed the tide of their journey, which led them to follow Nathan’s full time career and start managing a Bed & Breakfast at Longacre of Appomattox, a gig that gives them the flexibility many parents yearn for with young children. 

So, now that you know a little about our Guest Chef Caitie, let’s get back to Cooking with KK Homes… It started with 2 days of endless shopping, as we supplied all of the ingredients to all of our Clients that signed up to cook with us. We boxed up the ingredients according to family size and each family/person picked up their box over another 2 day period.

On Saturday, October the 16th, we logged in to zoom, everyone who signed up got the link to join us and it was on! Over an hour and a half later, lots of giggles, a few mishaps from some of us, but in the end we all had a delicious meal and a fun time “together”. From the homemade pasta to the delicious and simple cannoli’s, our Belly’s and our Hearts were full!. Thank you Chef Caitie for spending your time with us and to all of you clients who joined in all the fun. 

WE LOVE YOU GUYS!-Kathleen Kellett

Founder of KK Homes Team

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