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Kitchen Trends for 2021

Hello! This Saturday we would love to share some proactive kitchen trends for 2021. At Dovetail, we believe that constant research to gain insight about new products and additions are beneficial for the customers and business. Let us dive into some new and reoccurring trends that we have thoroughly been enjoying here at Dovetail. 

Warmer Tones 

Since quarantine, it is evident we all want to become designers in order to revamp the home we are living in. Color is something our minds can pay vast attention to, and 2021 has ushered in a wave of color change to spark a new vision. While colors like white and grey will always be a popular choice, we are seeing warmer color tones being used in 2021. These arrays of color are gaining traction in the millwork and islands, while also making a larger appearance on walls and cabinetry. Colors like forest green, toned down whites, and inviting wood tones are starting to significantly take place in the kitchen. 

Contrasting Cabinets 

 We have all been exposed to kitchen islands being a different color than the rest of the cabinets, and while safe colors like grey and navy can have significant impact, expect to see islands that stand out more in color and texture for 2021. Along with a variety of color, islands are not the only statement piece in the kitchen that will be contrasting. Base cabinets and wall cabinets will also be invited to experience differentiation. Examples of this include wood base cabinets with white wall cabinets, or forest green base cabinets with wood wall cabinets. The customizable style options for this trend are endless, and we are excited to stretch our minds toward creative combinations this year.

New Appliances

 Photo by Foster US

 In relation to kitchen design, workstation sinks are becoming an essential piece for easy and accessible cooking measures in the home. This year, Foster US is introducing a new Happy Hour sink. The sink will be a statement piece in the kitchen, containing a 55-inch-long bowl that is also available in smaller sizes.  While the sink includes a main cutting board, homeowners will be able to customize the sink with their choice of insert options. The optional accessories include a drying rack, holders for bowls, a grating kit, a knife holder, and a set of covered bowls. The purpose behind workstation sinks is to be able to complete all your preparation work accordingly, and this Happy Hour sink by Foster is certainly the way to do so. We would also love to mention that Foster’s luxurious appliances have a two-week lead time in order to get ahead on your kitchen project. 

Tile and Backsplash Geometry

 Even though iconic white subway tiles have been used quite frequently throughout the years, unique patterns are surfacing through design creativity. Intriguing geometry on backsplashes like curved organic shapes and broken up weathered tile will take the spotlight in order to add spontaneity and interest within the space. A new creativity is pressing toward how to add joy, peace, and tranquility to the kitchen; extraordinary shapes, textures, and colors are being added to the world of backsplash tiles. What better way to express your artistic side than to add these progressive ideas to an easily customizable backsplash?

Dovetail Design would like to thank you for reading with us. We would be happy to help you with your upcoming home project in order to make these trends become a reality for your kitchen space. Please feel free to contact us at (434) 980-6610 or with any questions or concerns you make have about our products and services. Thank you. 

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