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On the Ninth Day of Christmas…

Today is your chance to show your appreciation for our 2020 COLLEGE GRADUATES!  Follow the steps below to nominate someone special for a chance to win $300 in gift cards!

Thank you so much to our sponsors over at AC Power LLC for sponsoring a gift card tree filled with a collection of gift cards for Starbucks, Amazon, Apple, Walmart, Gas, and Groceries… valued at $300 total! AC Power develops solar energy facilities on low-value land, energizing closed landfills, brownfields, and other unattractive sites. They help transform these sites from a burden to a benefit!


  1. Like and tag your nominee in the daily post on our Facebook Page (make sure they fall under the category of the day!)
  2. Email your nomination to and include their contact info (name, phone number and email) along with reasons WHY you think that person should win.
You must complete BOTH steps above for your nominee to be considered for the prize!  Make sure your entry is in before December 30th at midnight!

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One Response to “On the Ninth Day of Christmas…”

  • Autumn Ritchie
    Written on

    Autumn worked so hard to get to Va Tech and applied for scholarship after scholarship to get in. She kept her eye on graduating even when she wasn’t sure what to major in. She kept her grades up and ended up graduating with TWO majors and two minors! But sadly due to COVID she did not get to get to have the ceremony she deserved. No after graduation party like she had dreamed of. It was such a let down for her as well as all her family who wanted to watch her walk across that stage and get her diploma.
    She has a heart of gold and is now working at Valley Community Services Board working with adults with mental health needs. I am just so proud of my niece with all that she has overcome in her life. She is so very deserving of this prize!

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