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Staging your home to SELL

Are you getting ready to show your house? Take the time to prep your house top-to-bottom and make a good impression on your buyers. Appearance matters! Here are some of our most important to-dos for staging your home.

Play Up Your Curb Appeal

The first thing buyers will see if the outside of your house, so make that first look count! Fresh paint, clean shutters, neat landscaping, and a clear sidewalk are a good start. Do you have a porch or stairs? Check them over for cracks or wobbles; even minor damage can give buyers pause. For an extra-welcoming feel, consider placing outdoor furniture and flowers! Don’t forget to finish with a welcome mat.

Clean Every Crevice

Dirt is a huge mistake when it comes to showing a house! Dust, dirt, and mold can easily bring your offers down. When you’re getting ready to sell, clean every corner from fan blades to baseboards (your kitchen and bathroom especially deserve some extra TLC). If you can’t quite clear grimy grout or crusty drains, it might be time to swap them out for a shiny new installation.


Another important thing to consider is pet messes. If you have an animal friend, do some extra deep-cleaning! You may not notice it, but pet hair and dander can easily spread through the whole house. Upholstery and carpets can also trap odors. Before you show your home, your pets (and all their accessories) should go on vacation to a friend’s house or boarding kennel.


Are you not sure if you’re done cleaning? Pretend you’re looking at a hotel room: Would you be happy to stay at that hotel, or would you call housekeeping to complain? Anything short of a 5-star rating means it’s not time to put away the cleaning supplies just yet.

Time for Repairs

Staging a home isn’t just about looks. Now is the time to fix up anything you’ve been putting off for later. Worn, damaged, or dated fixtures will make buyers think something is wrong with the house, so don’t hesitate to repair them or make an upgrade. Even if your home isn’t listed as “turn-key,” cutting down on the number of repairs needed will do a lot to ease your buyers’ minds. People don’t want to think about all the things they’ll have to fix when they’re looking at a house!

Update and Refresh

Wow buyers with fresh, polished surfaces. Big surface areas like walls, floors, and appliances are an opportunity to show off. Consider springing for new curtains, vinyl flooring, stainless steel finish on appliances, paint, and wood stain/polish. You’ll get a lot of bang for your buck!


When you’re painting and rearranging, remember to let viewers imagine their own space in your house. Neutral tones are great for presenting a ‘clean slate’ to buyers. (Bonus: white and off-white colors make a room look brighter!) Limit bolder colors to just a few accents per area, and replace personal photos and effects with more abstract decorations.

Set the Stage

If you’ve got everything cleaned and repaired, it’s time to arrange the house! Clear any clutter away into storage, including personal toiletries, trash cans, and cleaning products. Place furniture items strategically to guide buyers through your home, and give the different spaces each a sense of purpose. It might not hurt to remove a few pieces of furniture to free up extra space, too. More open floor space makes the whole house seem more spacious and hints at good storage.


A spacious atmosphere isn’t complete without the right lighting! Maximize the sunlight coming in to show your home’s “good side.” Use bright lights where the windows aren’t enough (but avoid stark fluorescents). A light, cheery glow throughout will make buyers feel glad to think of your house as home.

Make the Sale

Is your house staged and ready to rake in the offers? KK Homes knows how to make it happen! You can contact us online, or call (540)-836-5897 to learn more about how we can help you sell. We look forward to hearing from you!

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