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The Art of Staging- KK Homes of Long & Foster

To Stage or Not to Stage? That is the question. The answer is YES! So, what exactly is staging? A staged home will essentially bring out the good in a home. It will emphasize the space, functionality and features of a house so that prospective buyers can envision themselves in it. Staging adds to your home by making your home feel larger, brighter and cleaner. Here are 3 reasons why staging can impact your home sale. Which do you prefer….you be the judge?

  1. Buyers Need Help Visualizing

National Association of Realtors study shows that 77% of buyers said staging a home made it easier for them to visualize the property as a potential future home. Staging is responsible for getting a home into a condition that will allow potential buyers to imagine the future by striking a balance that fires buyers’ imaginations and lets them visualize a space as their own.

2. Boost Your Home’s Digital Appeal

Many home buyers often start their search on the web and use online tools to look at homes before they commit to an in-person viewing. If they are not impressed with what they see online, chances are they won’t bother attending an open house or calling their real estate agent. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case a picture can be worth thousands of dollars, if it entices people to come tour your home and put in an offer.

     3. It Puts Your House above the Competition

 As a seller in this market, you may not have a lot of competition. However, as we know Buyers are willing to pay a lot more and even over asking when they see the value. What makes your house feel more valuable than the others?

When you get down to it, you don’t have to do a lot to sell your home in 2021. However the more you do, the more you get. Instead of choosing someone who is putting in less effort, because homes are selling so fast. Choose an Agent who is putting in more effort, because more effort equals more money and essentially they pay for themselves.
Staging can make all the difference in the world, even if your home is priced the same as comparable properties that are for sale. You are getting more value, which makes it look more valuable, in turn it is adding more value to your home.

At KK Homes of Long & Foster Real Estate we provide staging as a part of our Marketing Package. If you look good, we look good and in the end we pay for ourselves, so you walk away making MORE!.
If you are considering selling your home in the Shenandoah Valley, Harrisonburg and Charlottesville market areas, try us. We will make you part of our client family for life.

Your Dream, Our Team.

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