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Three Smart Investments To Make In Your Home Before You Officially List It

Raise your hand if the following scenario sounds familiar. As soon as the thought entered your mind about selling your home last year, you did your due diligence to prep. You repainted rooms in neutral colors, took down dated drapes, trimmed your landscaping, and repainted the front door.

Well, now that you’re actually planning to set the date for your listing to go on the market, you might need to take things a few steps further. It could be the perfect time to invest in bigger projects with the hope that you’ll recoup your money in a quick home sale. These next three action items may be a little more expensive than, say, swapping out an old vanity light fixture to appeal to buyers, but trust us when we say that they could make all the difference.


Have Your Roof Pressure-Washed: If a brand new roof is too far out of reach for your wallet, you could look into having your existing shingles pressure-washed. This is especially true for houses situated under trees, since fallen leaves and sap can do a number on the appearance of a roof without actually damaging it. Professional pressure-washing has the potential to even out the color of your existing roof, and help remove unsightly moss, too. Who knows? A thorough pressure-wash could end up making your old roof look brand new again without the exorbitant price tag of a full replacement!


Upgrade Your Kitchen Appliances: No, it’s not the suggestion you want to hear, but it might not be something you can overlook any longer because old appliances can quickly turn buyers off. You’ve heard that the kitchen is the heart of a home, and for someone who truly values that room above all others, they might not think twice before turning on their heel toward the door if the appliances are clearly in need of immediate replacement. Keep an eye out for seasonal sales to take advantage of discounts on inexpensive updated appliances, and don’t write off places like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for gently-used newer ovens, dishwashers, and refrigerators, too. This an investment that will definitely pay off in the end.


Resurface Your Driveway: If your property has a driveway, it probably gets pretty consistent use. Head out and take a close look at it with a critical eye the next time you’re able to, and take note of things that could be improved. You might be able to tackle some things yourself, like cleaning up the edges, patching small cracks with a pre-mixed concrete solution, and cleaning up old stains with a degreaser, but go ahead and call in the professionals if you need to resurface your entire driveway. This is a solid investment because it’s one of the first things to greet potential buyers, and goes a long way to prove just how deeply you care about the upkeep of your home.

There’s no denying how hard it can be to bite the bullet and fork over the cash for some of these types of improvements, especially when you realize you won’t get the benefit of actually enjoying them for long yourself. But a drawn-out selling process hurts a lot more, so be smart about your investments before listing, and you’ll be celebrating a completed sale in quick order!

By Carrie Waller,

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