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We are here to help: A special message from KK Homes

 Hello KK Client Family,
Thank you for your consistent support and loyalty. We know during this time everyone is juggling and some are struggling. We want to let you know we are here to support you. If you need anything we will try to help i.e. grocery pick up,

 OTC Meds, etc.

We are taking precautions when showing and listing homes and we are cancelling open houses for a bit. Buyers are still buying and Sellers are still selling so we are available when you need us. Just remember when you see us we will be taking proper precautions.
In the meantime we will be sending information that we have that may be helpful to you. Possible resources for you, ideas while your stuck at home, natural remedies to keep you healthy, how to support your neighbors, market updates,

 and some fun stuff.

To begin here is an at a glance resource list for the SAW areas that Diana Williams, Waynesboro School Board member, created. She was able to compile info from many sources and put it all on one sheet. This list will be updated as needed. We hope you find it helpful:

SAW Resource List HERE


with love,

 -KK Homes



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